Persecution and Cosmic Conflict
The Biblical-Theological Reading of Genesis in Galatians

Forward by Thomas R. Schreiner
Wipf & Stock, 2024.

“But just as then the child born as a result of the flesh persecuted the one born as a result of the Spirit, so also now” (Gal 4:29 CSB).

Why do God’s people suffer? In Galatians, Paul makes an argument from persecution for the authenticity of his gospel. Persecution demonstrates that Paul and the Galatians belong to God and have believed in the divinely revealed gospel. While Paul does not offer an explicit theodicy in Galatians, his argument from persecution requires an implicit one. Paul’s theodicy can primarily be understood through his interpretation of earlier Scripture, especially the story of Isaac and Ishmael in Genesis.

In Persecution and Cosmic Conflict, Joshua Caleb Hutchens examines the theme of persecution in Galatians and Paul’s theological context in earlier Scriptures and early Judaism. Hutchens argues that Paul sees persecution as a manifestation of the cosmic conflict between God in Christ and the present evil age. Paul argues for this by appealing to earlier Scripture in Genesis. Hutchens offers a biblical-theological reading of Genesis that makes sense of Paul’s usage of the book in Galatians.

“Joshua Hutchens offers a comprehensive reading of the Galatians’ suffering and persecution within the context of God’s invasion of the present evil age. Second-Temple Jewish literature and the apostle’s appeals to Isaiah and Genesis—especially Ishmael’s persecution of Isaac—provide the necessary backdrop. Ultimately Paul faults a false gospel. Heeding mother Sarah, the Galatians must cast out teachers pretending to be ‘friends.’ For Hutchens’ Paul, suffering is to be expected in this cosmic conflict.”

—A. Andrew Das, distinguished chair and professor of religious studies, Elmhurst University

“Joshua Hutchens contributes to the ongoing conversation of ‘apocalyptic’ in Galatians with this book on ‘cosmic conflict’ and ‘persecution’ in the letter. If his thesis—that the Galatians’ suffering for Christ provides evidence that God is at war with the present evil age—is correct, then this book offers a pastoral word of encouragement and hope to many brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for their faith in the crucified and risen Lord. Readers will learn from Hutchens’s contribution even when they go in different exegetical directions.”

—Jarvis J. Williams, professor of New Testament interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


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